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Why Work with Zenith

Zenith facilities services are highly skilled industrial abseilers with a wealth of experience; they have painted large residential apartment buildings using industrial abseiling. They have also pioneered many techniques of how to preform services safely while on rope. Their many happy residential customers get the benefit of ZFS's strict adherence to quality and efficiency that their commercial high and rise customers do. Zenith facilities services are proud to deliver high quality and accurate projects to their clients. From painting to cleaning and repair Zenith facilities services take absolute pride in their work and skills; they even have had the honor of preforming maintenance and repair projects on telecommunication networks throughout the north island.

More about Zenith
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Health & Safety Experts
  • Method Statement Provided with Every Quote
  • 19 Years Experience in Property Maintenance & Height Access

Upholding Industry Standards is Important to Us

That is why We are Members of Professional Bodies & Suppliers

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Looking After Our Clients

Zenith Health & Safety System

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  • Effective Site Control Plan
  • Dedicated Site Project Manager
  • Site Hazard Identification
  • Daily Monitor of Hazards & Plan
  • Independent Consulting Partners
  • Certified Tools & Equipment

About Zenith Facilities Services

Zenith facilities services has been in the property maintenance industry for many years. Our founder Aidan Menzies has been in the commercial high-rise building maintenance industry since he was 18 years old. Because Aidan had grown up within the industrial abseiling and commercial building maintenance industry, it was organic to commence his own company in 2009. Since this time Aidan has developed ZFS into a highly regarded provider of commercial and residential property maintenance. During their time in the industry ZFS has performed services for almost every high-rise commercial building in the Auckland CBD, preforming services from painting, cladding repair and washing. 

ZFS was developed out of Aidan's focus on delivering a high quality for every part of the process, and each and every time, this is how the name Zenith came about the companies aim towards the highest possible ideal in everything that they undertake. This culture of aiming high has meant that ZFS has a list of clients that they performed services for many years ago that are willing to attest to the quality of their workmanship today, especially for their past residential painting projects.  They have painting projects that were completed over 10 years ago that their clients attest to the quality of today.

"They have done it all, & along the way invented many of the high-rise building maintenance techniques that exist in the industry today."
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