Commercial & high-rise construction, building remediation, structural repair, coatings through to building diagnosis.

Zenith Facilities Services are veterans of a number of high rise renovations and refurbishments, all with different aims and objectives, from emergency structural issues to complete exterior, interior and common areas renovation of high rise buildings. 

High-rise & commercial building restoration & remediation.

Zenith are specialist at complex & difficult access solutions for all building investigation, construction and remediation projects, including; leaky building remediation, waterproofing, recladding, concrete repairs, joinery replacement and specialist coatings.

High-rise Facade Remediation

Leaky Building Remediation

Scanning, Testing & Imaging

Weathertightness Investigations

Concrete Repair & Engineered Treatment

Roof / Gutter Restoration & Replacement

Glazing & Joinery Repair Replacement

Commercial Painting Protective Coatings

Steel Corrosion & Rust Repair

Specialist in leaky building remediation & pioneering industrial abseiling in New Zealand since 2002.

Zenith facilities services is a family operated business who as a team focus on achieving client goals beyond expectation. We have been in the high rise and commercial property maintenance industry for over 20 years. During this time we have performed services for almost every high-rise commercial building in the Auckland CBD.

Performing services from commercial painting, external-envelope repair and remediating leaky buildings. We have done it all and along the way invented many of the techniques that exist in the high rise property maintenance industry today.

Zenith was developed out of our focus on delivering long term, fit for purpose solutions for every aspect of building remediation process. This is how the name Zenith came about, as a way to place emphasis on the companies aim towards the highest possible ideal in every building project that they undertake. This culture of aiming high has meant that Zenith has a list of clients that they performed services for many years ago that attest to the quality of their workmanship today.

  • Scaffold-less height access (industrial abseiling).
  • Building investigations & surveys including high rise.
  • Building envelope remediation (re-cladding).
  • Leaky building investigation.
  • Weathertightness testing.
  • Moisture testing.
  • AAMA 501.2 testing for curtain walls, joinery and cladding.
  • Thermal imaging of water ingress.
  • Leaky building remediation.
  • Structural concrete repair.
  • Dustless abrasive blasting.
  • Rusted reinforcing treatment and repair.
  • Concrete chloride testing.
  • Concrete PH testing.
  • Concrete reinforcement scanning.
  • Installation of steel & glass commercial canopies.
  • Roofing & roof restoration.
  • Stormwater & gutter system management.
  • Earthquake strengthening (commercial & historical buildings).