Commercial construction, restoration, & remediation.

Zenith are specialist at complex & difficult commercial projects including leaky building remediation, full building renovations, cladding/external envelope solutions, earthquake strengthening and structural repairs.



high-rise building remediation and restoration


building restoration


earthquake bracing


zenith building restoration


Specialist at complex & difficult commercial and high-rise building remediation including weathertightness remediation, cladding restoration, renovation, refurbishment, earthquake & structural systems.

  • Leaky building weathertightness remediation.
  • AAMA 501.2 testing for water leakage of curtain walls, junction of cladding system and joinery.
  • Drone building surveys – scan buildings to identify defects needing closer inspection.
  • High rise building surveys by industrial abseiling.
  • Commercial high-rise refurbishment & renovation projects.
  • Recladding for commercial & high-rise.
  • Concrete remediation.
  • Waterproofing & specialist coatings.
  • Waterproofing by fiberglass membrane installation.
  • Roofing, roof restoration & gutter systems.
  • Rain and storm water management for commercial buildings.
  • Commercial building painting & coatings.
  • Comprehensive height access solutions.
  • Difficult access buildings.
  • Signage & banner installation.

Leaky building investigation.

When it comes to buildings suffering weathertightness, our approach is first to investigate and then provide solutions to remediate the cause as well as the degradation with compliance under the Building Act and Building Code.

TAIPOTINI – NATIONAL Industrial Height Access Certification.

Excellence in industrial abseiling as one of the most experienced providers in New Zealand.

Zenith are specialist at complex & difficult access solutions for all building investigation, construction and remediation projects.


Joinery & cladding testing for Building Code compliance.

We believe that every project no matter how complex or difficult always has a comprehensive long term solution. When renovating a commercial building, moisture testing is a compliance verification we offer our cleints during the investigation process.

Solution focused building remediation & restoration.

Zenith facilities services is a family operated business who as a team focus on achieving client goals beyond expectation. We have been in the property maintenance industry for over 20 years. During their time in the industry Zenith has performed services for almost every high-rise commercial building in the Auckland CBD, preforming services from painting, cladding repair and remediating leaky buildings. They have done it all and along the way invented many of the techniques that exist in the high rise property maintenance industry today. Zenith was developed out of our focus on delivering high quality service for every part of a building remediation process. This is how the name Zenith came about, as a way to place emphasis on the companies aim towards the highest possible ideal in every building project that they undertake. This culture of aiming high has meant that Zenith has a list of clients that they performed services for many years ago that attest to the quality of their workmanship today.

Leaky building weathertightness remediation.

Our management team have a background in architecture, construction, leaky building remediation, and law. Meaning we can provide you with a weathertightness inspection, along with a comprehensive remediation plan, then implement solutions all under the care of the Zenith team.

Commercial waterproofing & specialist coating systems.

Our expertise in multi factor of property maintenance & height access solutions provide you with stress free holistic full scope property maintenance, including waterproofing, specialist coating systems, building and construction.

Building restoration & refurbishment.

Zenith always implement proper method and site planning processes in all height access work, ensuring the work to run smoothly and without interruption.

External envelope & cladding restoration.

We understand that remediation of any building and construction project is stressful. Zenith provides highly specialised range of services in under one roof.