Your Building Remediation, & Maintenance Partner.

Multi-level building restoration & remediation.

Zenith specialise in the remediation, enhancement, refurbishment, and ongoing maintenance of pre-existing multi-story buildings. Our approach commences with making certain that we understand our clients’ requirements, enabling us to propose efficient solutions for every project, whether it involves remedial work or maintenance.

High-rise Facade Remediation

Leaky Building Remediation

Scanning, Testing & Imaging

Weathertightness Investigations

Concrete Repair & Engineered Treatment

Roof / Gutter Restoration & Replacement

Glazing & Joinery Repair Replacement

Commercial Painting Protective Coatings

Steel Corrosion & Rust Repair

Specialist in leaky building remediation & pioneering industrial abseiling in New Zealand since 2002.

We recognise that the building and construction sector in New Zealand has long grappled with issues of low productivity, evident in a variety of challenges such as project delays, budget overruns, and instances of companies facing financial collapse. We also acknowledge that it is no secret that the construction industry has concerns regarding build quality, as exemplified by the ‘leaky building’ crisis, along with shortages in skilled labor and gaps in technological and regulatory understanding.

Acknowledging these issues, we ensure that all remediation projects we undertake are meticulously managed from the planning stages through to completion. Our boutique firm is a team with a diverse professional and trade backgrounds, including expertise in architecture, law, asset management, accounting, and building remediation. This breadth of experience uniquely positions us to confidently guarantee the positive outcome of every project we undertake.

Furthermore, we are proud members of the Construction Sector Accord, actively advocating for ongoing improvements within the industry. Through our involvement, we contribute to fostering a culture of continuous enhancement in the building and construction sector.

We prioritise accountability and transparency by overseeing all phases of building remediation projects through administering a single main-contract, ensuring our clients have peace of mind throughout the process. Our team is composed of diverse professionals with multifaceted expertise, ranging from asset management, architecture, law to accounting, and high-rise remediation, enabling us to deliver an exceptional service and ongoing support.

Our approach to building remediation stands out for the unparalleled accountability and transparency it affords our clients. This level of accountability and transparency is achieved through our ability to oversee all stages of a building remediation project under a single main contract. We ensure this by leveraging the expertise of our unique team, which encompasses diverse professional backgrounds and trade skills, including property management, architecture, law, accounting, high-rise remediation, and ongoing maintenance.

From addressing pre-construction requirements such as documenting building defects and diagnosing building conditions, to remedial design, regulatory compliance, risk mitigation, and executing all on-site construction work, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entirety of the project.

Beyond our ablity to provide project management services, Zenith offers a comprehensive line-up of trade services required to sucessfully deliver complex building remedial projects:

  • AAMA 511 water ingress testing
  • Building defect documentaion
  • Carpentry
  • Cladding replacement
  • Waterproofing
  • Tiling
  • Concrete refurbishment
  • Carbonation reversal
  • Dustless sandbalsting
  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Welding and metal fabrication for structural steel repair
  • Joinery, window and door refurbishment and installation
  • Reglazing for complex difficult access structures
  • Plumbing and electrical

Zenith is proficient in delivering many of these services using industrial abseiling techniques instead of costly scaffolding. This allows us to offer our clients substantial cost savings without sacrificing quality workmanship or expertise.