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Zenith now offer the same quality focused painting services to all residential properties.


Commercial painting with attention to detail. Industrial and technical coating specialist.


Zenith have been pioneering the height access industry for over 19 years. 

Commercial Painting Services.

Aidan Menzies our founder has 18 years of experience painting high rise and low rise commercial and industrial properties. He has pioneered many on rope painting techniques that much of the industry use today, the ones that do not use Aidan’s techniques either make a mess or take a lot longer than they should. Zenith has recoated a very large amount of commercial buildings using industrial abseiling. This means the use of scaffold is not required and the associated cost in time and money is wholly avoided. Industrial abseiling is the most flexible and quickest way of preforming high-rise recoating projects, Zenith can recoat much of a building in the time it takes to erect a scaffold. At the end of the day we pull up or ropes and go home, leaving the building free of scaffold and offering no hindrance to the building occupiers during the project. Zenith Facilities services have undertaken a huge amount of high-rise recoating projects, many have included extensive repairs as a part of the project. Zenith are specialist commercial painters and have an enormous amount of experience and skill that enables them to be faster and better than their larger and older competitors.

Residential Painting Services.

Painting when done correctly can last for years, when not done correctly will only last for weeks. Zenith facilities services has and extreme amount of experience painting exteriors of homes, we have seen the result of incorrect preparation and it scares us, this is the reason that we offer 5-year warranties on all our projects. ZFS put the correct amount of effort into ensuring that the coatings that they apply are going to last and endure what they are required to endure. This means that when preparing a substrate for painting all of the lose material is removed and sanded to the point where the profile is removed. The sanding dust is then washed off with water to make sure that the prepared surface is clean and ready for the undercoat or sealer to take proper hold. The required crack repairs are not just filled, they are repaired in the correct fashion so that they do not crack again or the filler itself does not crack. Rotten weather boards and joinery are cut out and replaced with new timber and sealed correctly. Zenith Facilities services have clients that attest to house painting work that was done 8 years ago and is still perfectly standing the test of time.

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