High-rise & commercial building restoration & remediation.

Zenith Facilities Services are veterans of a number of high rise renovations and refurbishments, all with different aims and objectives, from emergency structural issues to complete exterior renovation of high rise buildings. We have partnered with Vanguard Advice who are a property consultancy firm with a background in management accounting, law, architecture & construction management.

Zenith have a long portfolio of buildings with serious & difficult structural weathertightness problems. Some of these Auckland CBD buildings were so degraded that they had become inhabitable.

Repairing leaks are standalone service that Zenith provides to its clients, they can turn around within 48 hours and start investigating and repairing the cause of the leak, if they cannot provide a permanent solution Zenith will stop the leak in the short term and then provide a quotation to rectify the reason for the leak.

  • Remediation & restoration through industrial abseiling.
  • Commercial painting.
  • Specialist coatings.
  • Roof replacement & restoration.
  • Textured coating repair.
  • Fibrous paneling repair & replacement. 
  • Cladding removal & reinstallation.
  • Cladding repair.
  • Waterproofing repair & replacement.
  • Concrete remediation.
  • Building wide removal of window frame & reinstallation.
  • Building wide removal of balustrades & replacement.
  • Replacement of storm water systems.
  • Rebuilding of internal gutters & parapets.
  • Re-texturing of building exterior. 
  • Structural repair & replacement.
  • Installation & design of structural components.

Zenith excel in large high rise remediation and restoration projects, they are skilled industrial abseilers as well as tradesmen that specialize in the repair and renovation of commercial buildings. Zenith can repair and recoat any high rise or low rise building; they repair and replace internal gutters building wide or on just the damaged areas of a building. All older buildings need maintenance some more than others, Zenith offers comprehensive trade services that fulfill the needs of every type of degradation that a high rise and commercial building experience. Their commercial and high rise restoration & remediation services combine to completely restore entire exteriors of high rise buildings. Many past projects have involved removing entire apartment building wide lots worth of balcony balustrades, repairing the concrete cantilevered balconies and then installing new balustrades, repairing the concrete cantilevered balconies and then installing new balustrades. These types of projects are Zeniths most interesting as the undertake it all with the use of industrial abseiling and cranes, without the need for a massive and expensive scaffold.

Zenith repair cracks and stop water ingress into concrete prior to applying coatings to buildings, this ensures that the paint will stick to the building throughout its intended lifespan as well as ensuring the integrity of the substrate, be it concrete, textured paneling or steel.

Commercial repainting is a core service of Zenith’s and they take it very seriously, prior to every project Zenith undertake a simple building survey to investigate the condition of the buildings coatings and claddings, this comes from their high rise restoration & remediation specialty. Zenith can spot the signs of water ingress or substrate damage and this means they can offer commercial painting proposals that deal with any situation that if left could cause paint to fail or damage to the building itself. This process identifies any water proofing problems that the cladding or concrete has and enables Zenith to rectify the cause of the problem and to then apply coatings that will last.

A group of specialist building restoration & refurbishment experts.

Zenith is one of the only commercial and high rise refurbishment and restoration companies in New Zealand that is a part of a group of professional companies that serve the high rise commercial property industry. Vanguard Advice is Zenith’s sister company and they provide our clients with all legal, planning, compliance, architectural and engineering requirements that our projects may require, including costing, feasibility and asset development strategies. The team at Zenith approaches each high rise refurbishment project with a system that takes into account requirements and challenges. The group that Zenith is a member of can remodel an entire building from concept, feasibility through to execution and delivery.

Analysis of concrete building structures is something that the group have excelled over the years and they have become pioneers of structural failure investigation methods. Group can identify the reasons why your poured or precast concrete is cracking be it stress, corrosion or water ingress. From there remediation and restoration solutions along with planning, legal and feasibility considerations will be offered to remedy the cause of the structural failure.

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Pioneering weathertightness remediation & restoration.

Zenith Concrete repair and remediation are a core part of Zeniths remediation and restoration services, they have partnerships with manufactures of waterproofing, coatings and concrete products to ensure that their technical knowledge is on the forefront of the latest product technology, and application methodology.