High-rise commercial building renovation & refurbishment.

Zenith Facilities Services are veterans of a number of high rise renovations and refurbishments, all with different aims and objectives, from emergency structural issues to complete exterior renovation of high rise buildings. We have partnered with Vanguard Advice who are a property consultancy firm with a background in management accounting, law, architecture & construction management.

A Renovation and refurbishment project for a high rise building can completely change the look and utility of an entire city block. Zenith can undertake every aspect of renovation required for a high rise building, be it an apartment block that requires a complete new entrance way to facilitate a change of use for the building or to add on extra levels to the carpark or alterations to the building itself.

  • Commercial building alterations.
  • High-rise & commercial building extensions.
  • Commercial to residential conversions.
  • Retail to office conversion.
  • Refurbishment of buildings that suffered weathertightness problems.

Zenith undertakes full high rise building renovations and alterations, they specialize in high rise buildings due to the fact that they are uniquely experienced as industrial abseilers and have performed many large alteration projects on high rise structures. This includes full replacement of all building services: HVAC, access, electrical and plumbing. Zenith undertake large building alterations that change the use and access ways of a building, for example removing half floors to provide double height access for an entrance way foyer that incorporates a mezzanine floor into the design to provide tenancy for a café and better aesthetics and utility for the buildings occupants. 

Zenith are a part of a sophisticated group of companies that include Architects, lawyers, planners, builders and designers; this means that Zenith is involved right from conception of a project to the very end and are aware of the projects goals financially and practically .

Commercial to residential conversions, earthquake strengthening and full building make overs are Zeniths bread and butter. A building renovation can be achieved by removing old cladding and replacing with new modern looking cladding or by replacing old flashings and window frames and combining this with a fresh surface and recoat, changing finishes, textures colors can have a dramatic impact on the look of a building. If the buildings balconies are leaking or are just worn out replacing them with a sheet glass enclosure will change the buildings feel and look, giving the occupants a sun room or a completely new room.

Zenith are highly experienced commercial building practitioners and specialized in the remodeling of the interior and exterior of high rise facilities, this makes them unique among their peers where many offer only repair services or full construction, Zenith can do both but choose to service existing building with remodeling, alterations and restoration projects.

High rise renovations can be complex; there are many considerations when the project is underway and these all need to be taken into account before a project starts. Things like the best way to operate the project in reference to how the project will affect the operation of the building and the safety of the public. Considerations for high rise renovation projects may include; understanding the risks involved when removing and reinstalling building components of a building that sits 15 stories above Queen Street. Proper planning to eliminate and remove the risk to the public, the buildings occupiers and the viability of the project is required.

Other considerations arise for each different project including the use of cranes and industrial abseiling to install claddings or fixing large structural pieces of the building while the building is still occupied.


A group of specialist building restoration & renovation experts.

The group of companies that Zenith is a part of include Vanguard advice, Vanguard are highly a specialized property firm that undertake design and pre project analysis for Zenith’s clients. This includes developing business cases for the renovations, accurate project costings and feasibility studies, as well as dealing with council regulations and ensuring compliance with all relevant other regulations.

Vanguard works with Zeniths clients to undertake the professional services that are required for the proper planning of a large high rise renovation projects. They deal with all aspects involved from financial to structural and design. Vanguard employ highly educated accountants that hold CCA licenses and are fellowship members of the chartered institute of management accounts international. This means that building owners have a strong partner to guide them through large and complex building renovation projects. Vanguard produce detailed feasibility studies that contain accurate information on what is possible with the building and how it will affect the income and usability of the facility in the future.  

vanguard advice
vanguard advice construction and building zenith

A comprehensive renovation & refurbishment approach.

  • Commercial building alterations
  • Commercial to residential conversions
  • High Rise exterior renovations
  • Interior repartitioning
  • Plumbing/Electrical/HVAC removal & reinstallation
  • Full building services renovations
  • Fire and access renovations
  • Structural and building use alterations
  • Entranceway redevelopments
  • Existing building redevelopments