Earthquake structural solutions.

Zenith Facilities Services have partnered with Vanguard Advice who are a property advisory firm with a background in management accounting, law, architecture & construction management. Ensuring that buildings we service are meeting control mechanisms under the Building Act 2004 & key performance standards under the Building Code.

On 1 July 2017, the Building (Earthquake-prone Buildings) Amendment Act 2016 came into effect and is now embedded in the Building Act 2004. If your building or one that you manage has been issued an Earthquake-Prone Building (EPB) notice, you must display it in the foyer of your building alongside the building WOFA Renovation and refurbishment project for a high rise building can completely change the look and utility of an entire city block. Zenith can undertake every aspect of earthquake strengthening.

  • Improve flexural capacity, ductility & resistance
  • Application of fit for purpose specialist coatings Eg: Sika fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) in the form of wraps or strips.
  • Uplift anchors.
  • External pre-stressing tendons.
  • Strengthening masonry structures using Resi-ties.
  • Fit for purpose sprayed concrete walls.
  • Waterproofing & fiberglass reinforcing where appropriate.

The council has given building owners 35 years from the date of EPB notice being issued to rectify the buildings status. However if the council writes to you in regards to advising you that you will need to have an earthquake assessment undertaken by an engineer, the time line for this is 12 months.

Seismic/earthquake strengthening adds stability and resilience to any existing building. It is an excellent building preservation mechanism, specially for older buildings, weather a building a earthquake notified or not. Zenith has extensive experience in providing structural restoration and refurbishment solutions for high-rise commercial buildings internal as well as external. We can ensure that our clients receive an effective. economical and feasible outcome by helping with every step of the process. When managing your earthquake strengthening or seismic resilience project we will be sure to assist from analysis to design and installation.

Earth quake and structural improvements projects are extensive and invasive projects that many buildings of a certain age require. Zenith plan, design and undertake earthquake strengthening and structural remediation projects with the help of their group and Vanguard Advise.


A group of specialist seismic resilience & earthquake strengthening experts.

The group of companies that Zenith is a part of include Vanguard advice. Vanguard Advice have a background is law, chartered accounting, architecture and construction. They specialise in reformation and strategy for commercial facilities and projects. They work with Zeniths clients to provide financing strategy’s and property income reformation to increase the benefits of any project. For example Vanguard will analyses the buildings existing business case in the context of the looming project and strategies the buildings finances and project scope and specification. Vanguard also provide initial and continuous project management of the entire earthquake strengthening or seismic resilience project from initial review and building condition reporting through to feasibility study, procurement, design and construction management.

Reporting based on performance standard guidelines.

  • Control mechanisms under The Building Act 2004.
  • Key performance standards under the Building Code.
  • AUS/NZ Verification Method B1/VM1.
  • Design guidance for compliance of the Building Code undertaken as Acceptable Solution B1/AS1.
Zenith Building Remediation
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A comprehensive approach to seismic resilience & earthquake strengthening.

With wide-ranging experience in strengthening all kinds of high rise commercial building structures, from cladding systems to failed concrete and installation of structural bracing. We can help you future-proof your assets and mitigate seismic/earthquake risk in the proper method. We are available to discuss the best options and provide you with concepts to start considering.

  • Building upgrades.
  • Buildings undergoing change of use.
  • Buildings undergoing substantial alterations.
  • Buildings classified as priority buildings.
  • Earthquake prone buildings.
  • Buildings notified by local authority (EPB Notices).