Great Waterproofing Services That Work

WaterProofing solutions.

Zenith Facilities Services are expert Waterproofing technicians, they specialise in fiber reinforced membrane for repairs to all manner of roof and cladding profiles and penetrations. For rain water management systems, internal gutters and roofing their rebuilding service and repair is excellent as their method is backed by the manufacturer and by their own highly skilled team.

Water proofing is one of those things that you don’t notice when its working well and doing its job.

However when it’s not working it really demands your attention. In the case where the water proofing is not working and you don’t notice it, it could spell disaster down the road, because it causes huge damage over time.

When internal gutters leak sometimes the water doesn’t leak into occupied parts of the building or it goes unnoticed, like under floor coverings or between the walls. When this happens sometimes the leak can go unnoticed for years and cause all sorts of more serious problems like cracking concrete, rusted reinforcing rotten walls etc..

Zenith specialises in the rebuilding and re installation of failed water proofing and the remediation of any water damage that has been caused as a result.

Zenith’s water proofing projects go through all of the existing defects and degradation in the water proofing systems and in many cases undertake re design and reinstallation actions to ensure that the new repair and new system is fit for purpose.

This can be as simple as the addition of larger flashing that are fixed correctly or the addition of new flashing to stop water splashing etc.. Liquid membranes, positive concrete water proofing, moisture removal and concrete sealing, Sheet membranes, buytnol, bitumistic, PVC. Zenith specialise in every type

Zenith’s capabilities include things like the removal of water proofing membranes, gutters and drains for every balcony on a building to uncover the leaks in the membranes and the damage to the underlying wooden or concrete structure.

The team then replaces and repairs all rotten or cracked structure and then installs new water proofing and cladding resulting in the rebuilding of the buildings leaking balconies.

This also ties in with Zenith’s water leak remediation services which are aimed at removal of all water damaged material in a specific building and re installation, followed by reinstatement of new and redesigned cladding to ensure that leaks do not occur again.