Weathertightness remediation.

When a building has weathertightness problems, it involves a multi disciplinary property solutions. While, the building must be remediated, there are also aspects of legal, feasibility and risk management needing consideration. In order to provide the most comprehensive weathertightness solutions Zenith Facilities Solutions have partnered with Vanguard Advice who are a property consultancy with a background in management accounting, law, architecture & construction.

Zenith have a long portfolio of past projects made up of multi storied leaky buildings that had been leaking for years, even buildings where flooding on the top stories has  gone unnoticed.

Weathertightness remediation projects include removal of the leaking cladding and associated rain water systems. This allows Zenith to get to the water damaged structure and replace it.

Sometimes this has involved the removal of whole building lots of balconies by crane, sometimes we are required to remove the roof of a large leaky building and rebuild much of its structure as well as all internal gutters and parapets.

One of our projects had been leaking for more than 20 years, the owners had more than 15 other companies try and rectify the problem but all had failed, Zenith noticed the problems with the building and contacted the owners directly, 4 months later the building no longer leaks and all water damage to the structural concrete has been remediated.

Our investigation and consultation process uses time tested knowledge and skills to identify all problems and the likely extent of the water leak remediation required.

This had meant that once a project has started it moves smoothly and without any unforeseen problems, no price changes or change of scope.

Owners have been extremely impressed and have asked us to remediate their entire portfolios as well as using our earthquake strengthening and construction services.  

On other high rise projects Zenith have removed roofs and internal gutters to uncover extensive rotten framing, badly rusted concrete reinforcing and extreme amounts of laitance coming out of the cracked concrete.

Not to worry, it was exactly as we had expected, Zenith set to work removing all rotten framing and grinding away cracked and water damaged concrete.

In many places reinforcing steel had to be cut out and replaced with new portions of steel, the concrete was then boxed up and a new cover of poured concrete applied.

Leaky Building remediation by Zenith is approached with a planned and systematic method that results in accurate and efficient projects.

A group of specialist weathertightness experts.

Zenith is a part of a group of companies that include Vanguard Consulting, Vanguard are lawyers, CCA Accountants, Engineers, Architects and property consultants. They provide all of the planning, strategy, legal and feasibility services for Zeniths clients. This means that Zeniths can provide to its clients projects that are very accurate and fit for purpose. Our weather tightness remediation projects are among the most effective and targeted in New Zealand.

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