High-rise Glazing & Joinery Repair Replacement New Zealand.

Zenith Facilities Services are veterans of a number of high rise renovations and refurbishments, all with different aims and objectives, from emergency structural issues to complete exterior, interior and common areas renovation of high rise buildings. 

Specialist High-rise Glazing & Joinery Repair Replacement.

Uniquely Zenith can remove and install glazing and joinery without the use of a crane or scaffold, Zenith has their own fully engineered cantilevered mobile roof cranes as well as a specialized vacuum lifter attachment.

Aluminum joinery on commercial buildings become degraded a damaged like any other component. A common occurrence is that the drain holes at the bottom of the joinery become blocked and this causes the joinery to fill up with water and allow the water to enter inside the building via the glazing seals (rubber seals around the glass).

The glazing seals that seal the glass to the joinery were never meant to be completely water proof and that’s why at the bottom profile of the joinery the factory or installers drill holes to allow the water to escape.

Zenith is highly experienced at diagnosing and remedying problems with joinery systems on high rise buildings, our partner Architects and engineers also are expert at analyzing joinery systems and understanding what is occurring.

Replacement of entire building lots of joinery has been performed due to leaking issues, Zenith can undertake these types of projects or a smaller number of frames requiring replacement.

  • Broken glazing removal and replacement
  • Joinery removal and replacement.
  • New joinery design and installation
  • In situ Joinery repair and refurbishment
  • Glazing seal replacement
  • Joinery inspection and reporting.
  • Testing of Joinery to AAMA 501.2 standard