Leaky Building Remediation

Zenith Facilities Services are veterans of a number of high rise renovations and refurbishments, all with different aims and objectives, from emergency structural issues to complete exterior, interior and common areas renovation of high rise buildings. 

Leaky Building Remediation.

Zeniths are veterans of a long history of remediating leaky buildings. This experience means that they have seen and investigated almost every type of water ingress that a commercial or high rise building can experience, therefore in many cases they already have an excellent idea what is happening with your building right from the very start.

They have the ability to undertake projects to either completely remove a buildings defective cladding and replace it with a new product or custom made system, or alternatively to replace the worst areas and to refurbish the remaining façade or cladding to a better than new standard.

In many cases, especially for high rise buildings; replacement of the entire cladding is not required or feasible, this is where Zenith can provide building code compliant systems to the building’s façade and install them. These can include custom designed flashings around water ingress points, new glazing seals, and liquid applied membrane flashings, replacement of joint seals and application of specialised engineered weathertightness coatings.

Zenith is unique to the leaky building remediation industry due their ability to develop compliant customised solutions for the remediation of leaky buildings as well as executing the projects with the use of rope access or industrial abseiling. Remediation of leaky buildings without scaffold has made them very popular with building owners and body corporates as they get a better end result while reducing cost and disruption.

11 LBP builders and 9 industrial abseilers make up the trade team at Zenith not to mention apprentices, hammer hands and electricians.

We are very lucky at Zenith to be in partnership with Aamsko, who are property and building consultants, with expertise in managing leaky building projects. We can rely on their expertise in building diagnostics, project and cost management as well as legal know, to provide long term fit for purpose building remediation as well as assist our clients to mitigate leaky building related risk.

Leaky building remediation include:

  • Cladding replacement.
  • Façade renovation and refurbishment.
  • Design and installation of waterproofing components.
  • Specialised weathertightness coatings.
  • Joinery renovation.
  • Joinery removal and replacement.
  • Water damaged concrete repair.
  • Stormwater & gutter system management.
  • Balustrade removal and replacement.
  • General re-construction where required.
  • Building investigations & surveys including high rise.
  • Building envelope remediation (re-cladding).
  • Leaky building investigation.
  • Weathertightness testing.
  • Moisture testing.
  • AAMA 501.2 testing for curtain walls, joinery and cladding.
  • Thermal imaging of water ingress.
  • Leaky building remediation.
  • Structural concrete repair.
  • Dustless abrasive blasting.
  • Rusted reinforcing treatment and repair.
  • Concrete chloride testing.
  • Concrete PH testing.
  • Concrete reinforcement scanning.
  • Installation of steel & glass commercial canopies.
  • Roofing & roof restoration.