Meet our consulting team.


Certificate of Real Estate Sales

TAIPOTINI – Industrial Height Access Certification


As a specialist property consultant, Aidan has worked with some of the country’s largest infrastructure organisations, including Vodafone, 2Degrees and the rural Connectivity Group (RCG), adding to their property portfolio strategy and helping them to acquire assets. Aidan is an expert negotiator of Sale & Purchase Agreements, Agreements to Lease and Property Supplier Service Agreements. Aidan also has a solid background as a height and confined space access industrial abseiler. He is one of New Zealand most experienced industrial abseilers, where he has pioneered a number of techniques of high rise building remediation on rope. He is experienced in project management of specialist height access or difficult space capital works such as water-ingress remediation of high rise buildings. Where complex weathertightness issues are surveyed Aidan enjoys getting on rope with tools, to be part of the surveying and documenting process.

Phone: +64 204 161 0808


Architectural Studies & Law (Auckland)


Anita has a background in Architecture, Law, Project Management and Commercial Asset Management. During her time as Head of Commercial Property she reformed the commercial property division of one of Auckland’s largest property management firms. She studied Architecture and Law at The University of Auckland and is our in-house Lawyer. She is excellent in providing a strategic path for complex issues and is focused on getting things done right the first time. She founded Aamsko consulting bringing together a group of consultants who all have a united goal, which is to serve the commercial building & property industry with a higher standard of excellence. Legal strategy and remediating commercial buildings with complex weathertightness issues are her main areas of interest.  Mitigating risks in any venture and strategically resolving disputes in her clients best interest is what motivates her. Thanks to her Architectural background, she’s able to understand building design and function, which she is able to utilise in all areas of strategic consulting. A strong affinity with concrete buildings and their construction allows her to identify solutions to complex weathertightness problems, some of which prior to her consulting had failed to be resolved for over twenty years.

Phone: +64 204 264 820


IRATA Level 3 rope access & Site Safe Scholarship Award 2020


Dan has an impressive background in many height access and confined space construction projects, including technical rigging. So far his career highlight is the construction of Auckland Zoo’s Ape House and High Canopy Rope Network. Where the project is now a submission for rope access job of the year at SARNZ. Few other notable projects Dan has headed are Sky Tower Radiation Survey on the antenna stack, Wind farm IQP and maintenance work scopes, Auckland Harbour Bridge remedial scopes, remote tower construction and decommissioning, Structural steel assemblies, structural remediation and industrial coatings applications, and high rise glazing replacements.

Phone: +64 204 161 8008


Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP)


As a Licensed Building Practitioner, Eddie has worked with some of New Zealand’s largest construction organisations, including Hawkings Commercial and CMP. Eddie brings with him excellent knowledge of building techniques and construction strategy making sure that all our commercial remedial including capital works and water leak remediation projects are always compliant under the Building Act 2004 and the Building Code. He is also an excellent site manager for all complex remediation projects ensuring that our projects establish buildability and constructability during the design stage, allowing us to comprehensively deliver all projects.

Phone: +64 204 161 0808